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Combining healthcare with health education in the community

NursePrac Australia is a social enterprise aiming to improve children's health outcomes and positively impact social determinants of health for children and families in Western Australia.

Founded and run by nurse practitioners with expertise in children's health, we provide healthcare combined with health education to support parents to be able to deal effectively with their children's illnesses and conditions at home and keep their family healthy.

By working collaboratively with hospitals, general practice, primary care, community health, schools, local government, non-government organisations and welfare  providers, we treat illnesses and promote wellbeing.


Our healthcare services are offered at our justkidshealth clinic or via pop-up or in-reach clinics at partner organisations, community events and schools.

An important part of our work is advocating for those parents who don't feel heard, don't understand their options or don't feel empowered to seek support for their families health.

Passionate about the positive role of nurse practitioners and how they enrich healthcare services, we offer a range of training, and consultancy services to maximise their impact in your service.

Our Vision

Reducing health inequality and childhood adversity

Our Mission

Nurse Practitioners taking care of children's health in the community

Our Values

Caring  Empowerment  Collaboration  Equity  Respect

Our Goals

Stronger families - through improved parenting and increased health education

Healthier children - through equitable access to specialised children's healthcare closer to home

Empowered parents - who can make informed decisions that suit their own family

Greater understanding of health and social issues for children, teens and families - through increased awareness in health and support services

Maximising the impact of nurse practitioners - by raising awareness of the role and through effective service design and delivery  

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