We are Nurse Practitioners 


Bridging gaps in healthcare systems to reduce inequity


Nurse practitioners tackling unmet health needs in the community


Our Goals

Strengthening families

Improved childhood quality of life

Decreased childhood  disease severity

We do this by

Delivering healthcare closer to home

Educating about health 

& supporting children and families to manage their health
at home

Reducing unnecessary referrals to 

NursePrac Australia is a Social Enterprise

NursePrac Australia has a vision to improve health outcomes and impact on social determinants of health in tangible ways. We are nurse practitioners who provide a new, innovative style of healthcare in Western Australia.

We have strong links with hospitals, Child & Adolescent Community Health, the education sector, the local government sector, non-government organisations and community health and welfare providers.

Contact Us 

NursePrac Australia
PO Box 767

Fremantle WA 6959

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