OWL (Optimal Weight for Life)

What is OWL?

A clinic for babies, children and teens with weight concerns. We help parents manage their child’s weight and make lifestyle changes and we help older children and teens to manage their own weight and make lifestyle changes.

This is a combined clinic with children’s doctors from Fiona Stanley Hospital.

The program is covered 100% by Medicare with no gap fee.

Why do we need OWL?

1 in 4 Australian children are overweight or obese. Having an unhealthy weight in childhood can lead to problems with sleeping, low self-esteem and being bullied. It also leads to poor health as adults.

What we offer:

Clinics for babies, children and teens who are overweight. This includes:

  • Detailed assessment
  • Blood tests if needed
  • Personalised plan
  • Follow-up visits and goal setting

Community programs

OWL links with other programs in the Cockburn area that help children, teens and their families meet their goals for a healthier weight and lifestyle.

Better Health program