ItchyScratchySkin (Eczema)

What is ItchyScratchySkin?

This clinic is for babies, children and teens with eczema. We help to treat and manage your child’s eczema.

Why do we need ItchyScratchySkin?

Many families who see us are really confused about the best care for eczema.

We help you understand the different creams and medicines and how they work.

We help you choose the best treatment for your child.

We help you keep eczema under control and be aware of everyday “triggers” that make eczema worse.

Our nurse practitioners provide you with skin care plans and teach you simple ways to manage eczema at home.

What we offer:

Clinics for babies, children and teens with eczema.

This includes:

  • Detailed assessment
  • Discussing any concerns related to eczema – like itch, sleep and well-being
  • A personalised skin care plan
  • Advice on what to do when the eczema is active or clear
  • Ideas for living well with eczema

We work directly with older children and teens and teach them to manage their eczema themselves.