ItchyScratchySkin (Eczema)

For babies, children and young people with eczema
Free Eczema Intro Sessions

Does your baby or child have red, itchy skin that is dry or cracked? Are you thinking it could be eczema?

This is a short session to learn about the basics about eczema in babies and children. Find out some tips about skin care and when to seek further help.

Eczema Workshops

We offer small group workshops to teach you how to manage eczema day-to-day. You will learn about eczema, what makes it worse and how to treat it at home. You can check out different skin products, find out how to use them for the best results and take some samples home.


At the first clinic visit we will find out about the eczema and treatments used, the impact on everyday life including sleep and well-being and do a physical assessment. Together with you and your child/young person we will work out a treatment plan that meets your needs and give you a copy to take home. This personalised eczema plan will show you what to do when the skin is clear and what to do when the eczema gets worse.

Further clinic visits will be booked if needed. We will also contact your usual healthcare provider, so they are informed of the treatment plans.